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Hair Extensions



Glue, heat and braid free Weave or Bond method extensions for minimal damage to the hair


Hair extensions can be used for a verity of reasons:

  • They  can be very discrete, Sometimes you may only need a couple round the front of your hair just to add a bit of fullness 

  • They allow you to add colour,  without having to dye your hair. 

  • Growing your hair takes time, Depending on your desired length, you may need to wait for a couple of years before you can achieve your goal. adding extensions is a quick way to add length.

  • They're easy to style, and great for keeping curls in. 

Consultation & Pricing 

Zoe offers a free consultation, at this she will discuss what the most suitable method for your hair type.  Zoe can then colour match your hair correctly and see how much hair is needed.

After the consolation Zoe will send over a personalised quote. 


Bonds will need refitting between 8- 12 weeks 

Weave's will need moving up every 4- 6 weeks


Luxury hair will last up to 12 months +

Budget hair will last up to 6 months  


Clip in extensions are great temporary option for your hair,

They can be re-used so are great if you want to add length or fullness for a special event,  then they can easily be removed at the end of the night.

They don't damage your hair and can make a big difference when styling.

Zoe will colour match you for free.

Prices start from £85 for 100% real human hair.

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