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How to prepare for your trial

  • Even if you are unsure on the look you are after or have to many looks in mind, I would still collect a Collect a couple of inspiration photos of styles you like and don’t like, this way Zoe can gauge your style to create something bespoke to you.

  • When looking at inspiration photos try looking for models with similar hair types as you, consider the colour, thickness, and length.

  • If you have thin fine hair, or hair that doesn’t hold a curl, you might benefit from hair extensions. Zoe can colour match and supply for you at the trial.

  • Wash your hair the night before (double shampoo and use a small amount of conditioner only on the ends) or if your hair gets greasy quickly wash on the morning of, but please ensure its dry.

  • Avoid any hair masks or conditioning treatments before the trial and wedding day.

  • Try not to use any hair products.

  • Please arrive makeup free and cleanse (exfoliate) and moisturise before.

  • Having a trial during the daylight is highly recommended, this will ensure you get to see how your makeup will really look in all its glory. Artificial lighting can make the makeup look misleading.

  • If you are planning on shaping and tinting your brows for the wedding day, have them done for the trial.

  • Please allow up to 1.40 - 2.5 hours for a hair and makeup trial.

  • There will usually only be enough time to try one style (however if you do not like the first one, we will adapt to create something you love!).

  • If you are planning on tanning for the wedding day apply some fake tan for the trial so you can see how colourings work with the makeup.

  • Bring along your veil if you have one, or any hair accessories you think you’ll be wearing on the day. Zoe does have accessories in stock incase you haven't yet got something.

  • The studio is a small space, guests are welcome however, its limited to one extra person only. Please also let Zoe know beforehand.

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